ios7 game development With the launch of iOS 7 the gaming industry will see some big changes and if you want to stay within the mobile gaming ecosystem for a while, you’ll have to accept and adapt to these changes.

iOS 7 provides two key new features under the hood that are able to drive mobile gaming to the next level:

1)   Game controllers

Many games need physical buttons to provide high end gaming experiences to players and, having realized this, Apple has embedded an extremely game-centered code into their new iOS 7.

Prior to iOS 7, if you wanted to play a game with a physical controller, you had to fool your Apple device by making it think you use a Bluetooth keyboard (e.g. iCade) or a SteelSeries Free controller. Now Apple allows us to use game controllers made by 3rd parties (e.g. Logitech) by enabling integration of Apple Game Controller API into the game. As such, all iOS 7 game developers now have an instant support for both a form-fitting controller (standard and extended sizes) and a wireless controller able to turn your iPhone or iPad into a portable gaming device such as Sony Xbox 360.

2)   The Sprite Kit

Apple’s new Sprite Kit provides animation framework to allow console and mobile 2D game developers to focus on game artwork and mechanics instead of animating game effects such as smoke or explosions (just like in Unreal or Unity game development engines). Now developers can key-frame the animation one flipbook frame at a time and use intermediary platforms like Unity 3D or code own graphic engine to make effects look as real as possible.

In fact, these two features have a great potential to change the way we play games on mobile devices, experts say. Also, these features are expected to open up 2D game development to more developers worldwide.

After iOS 7 went public, you must be deep plunging to optimize your games or create new game content for your existing titles. Intersog offers you professional iOS 7 game development services and access to a vast pool of iOS game developers and designers available in Ukraine, Europe’s largest IT talent pool.

By setting up your own iOS 7 game development team in one of our R&D centers or using our project outsourcing services, you will be able to:

  • Develop high-performance 2D games with ability to animate sprites, create beautiful particle systems and simulate physics
  • Create great mobile first-person shooters or platformers that didn’t work well on touch screens before
  • Experiment with controllers
  • Authenticate players and transmit game scores and achievements more securely via a redesigned Game Center
  • Develop simple action 2D style games such as Pivvot, Letterpress, or Ring Fling
  • Create enhanced multi-player games as well as top-notch games taking advantage of the new A7 chip’s 64-bit architecture

With over 200 million devices running iOS 7 globally today, you just can’t ignore the impact of iOS 7 development for the gaming market and stay away from new cool features offered by Apple.

With Intersog’s help you will be able to become part of this innovative global mobile ecosystem by creating a new gaming portfolio and allowing your game UI to respond effectively to every single touch and swipe by following the physical constraints you define for your players!