HTML5 Development

At Intersog we offer professional HTML5 development services for your mobile and gaming solutions.

HTML5 is the fifth edition of the HTML standard that has been a core markup language for presenting and structuring the World Wide Web content since 1997. Today, there is an outrageous debate in the global developer community regarding what is the better approach towards developing mobile web apps – to go native or HTML5, i.e. to code once and run anywhere?

Appcelerator says that of 1.25 million apps available in Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Store, 75,000 apps (or 6%) are HTML5 based. Facebook, one of the biggest proponents of HTML5 mobile web development, claims to have 20,000 HTML5 based apps in its store.

According to Wikipedia, as of July 2013, over 30% of Fortune 500 companies have already implemented HTML5 on their corporate websites and apps.

These companies report generating more profits from their HTML5 based solutions than those using other HTML and XHTML versions.

While the decision to go native or build apps with HTML5 should be well weighed at the top management level within your organization, the following benefits of HTML5 development should always be taken into consideration:

  • Cross-platform deployment costs

With HTML5 you don’t need to create cutting-edge native apps for iOS first and then build out another team to create similar apps for the Android or Windows platforms. Each new development team and deployment will cost you additional money which will double or triple the overall cost of your apps. Building experience-rich HTML5 based mobile web apps that can run on all browsers will undoubtedly save your development budget and time!

  • Availability of HTML5 expertise and development resources

One of the most critical factors in any mobile app development project is having access to developers with the right skill sets. Within the developer community, HTML5 and JavaScript rank higher than Objective-C and PHP, according to Appcelerator.  This proves a greater and less expensive pool of developers to complete your project.

  • Distribution control and immediate updates

With HTML5 you’re able to deploy your apps and updates directly to the user community via the browser. You don’t need any 3d party services or extra steps to distribute your mobile product and retain complete control in-house.

So, you need to mobilize your website, create an app with forms-based requirements or an app providing access to data rich information (such as Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter or Yelp)? Contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with cost effective yet top-notch HTML5 based solution!