You have an idea, but need help structuring it in terms of technology choice, timeline and budget? Initial strategy will continue to influence your business growth and long-term profitability, so solid professional advice from the start is a wise investment. Our technology-neutral, platform-agnostic approach allows us to look at your real needs and build a solution that will ultimately help you reach your ROI and achieve your business goals.

Product Ideation

We start from scratch and look to find solid ideas, approaches and technologies to use for a software product we are gearing to create for you.

Market Analysis and Research

One of the first things we focus on when undertaking your project is conducting market analysis  to identify your target audience, competition and your future products’ opportunities on the market. This approach guarantees that we have the right market positioning ideas in mind from the moment the development phase of your new product begins.

In-depth market analysis allows us to define target audiences very specifically and design and develop products tailored to satisfy the unique needs of each consumer niche we find. This insight gives us a clear market vision for the product we’re aiming to build for you, and an informed idea of its market potential. It also allows us to look into the technical feasibility of creating a product that will succeed at the levels you want it to before its development ever begins.

Prototyping and Design

Interface design and prototyping are essential tools to utilize in any product’s development life cycle. Creating flexible system and technical architecture prototypes are necessary to understand the scope of development and to quickly adapt to meet clients’ changing needs and business goals. In terms of ROI, creating and modifying prototypes is a more effective solution than making changes during the actual product development.

Final Development

The most important and time consuming stage of the entire development process is when we roll up our sleeves and turn our concepts and prototypes into the polished products. Developers create code, graphic designers render the visual aspects of your product’s interface, and all these tasks are brought together to create a product that’s ready to launch into the respective marketplace.

As a result, you get your software product on time, on budget and on value, along with the source code, databases and other technical stuff needed to effectively maintain and operate it.

Product Launch

Before you decide on a date and jump into the marketplace, it’s important to have a clear plan for how you’ll be selling, promoting, and supporting your product or service once it goes live. Delaying a product launch to work out marketing kinks may put your company at risl of being beaten by your competitors. Implementing an overlapping stage-by-stage product launch campaign to address all pre and post launch needs is usually the best overall strategy. We will help you develop this strategy upon your additional request.